How To Become Successful In Any Field – The #1 Ingredient

What I’m talking about is your self image.

Everyone reacts based on it self image, not based on facts.

Your self image defines very precisely what you and what you can’t do.

When you start working on your self image, and you’ll find yourself expanding your self image, you have the key in your hand to expand any area of your life, no matter what!

Our self image has been formed and created by the experiences we’ve made in our early ages.

It is not the child who is taught about love but the child who has experienced love that grows into a healthy, happy, well adjusted adult.

We learn to function successfully by experiencing success. And it’s not about how big the successes had been in the past for you. The past successes act as a stored information which literally give us self confidence for the present task.

One of the easiest ways to change your self image is to use the power of imagination.

Here’s a simple exercise you should practice for 30 minutes every day. You can use this exercise to achieve anything in life.

(1) Find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed

(2) Relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible (Make sure not to fall asleep)

(3) Now close your eyes and picture yourself as winning

(4) You want your mental pictures to approximate actual experience as much as possible. The way to do this is pay attention to the small things, the small details such as sounds, objects in your imagined environment.

(5) During these 30 minutes you see yourself acting and reacting in an ideal way, or doing the things in an ideal way…

(6) Don’t recall that you haven’t reacted yesterday in an ideal way…
(7) Don’t force you to act in an ideal way when this exercise is over

(8) Your nervous system will take care of that in time

This exercise builds new memories in your brain, it builds a new self image.

I am very sure that you’ve heard about this exercise in some way before, am I right?

But this exercise is not complete yet.

To activate your subconscious mind and your nervous system to help you achieve your goals, you must supply you must think  of the end result in terms of a present possibility.

In other words, we must see our goals so clearly  that it becomes “real” to your brain and nervous system. So real,  that the same feelings are evoked as would be present if the goal were already achieved.

Because your brain and your nervous system can’t tell “Real Success/Failure” from imagined “Success/Failure”

The trick is not to put any effort or pressure on yourself to act or behave in a certain way that “might” bring you closer towards achieving your goal.

Simply picture yourself/your goal clearly and vividly. Then capture the feeling you would experience  if the desired goal would already been accomplished.

The secret to massive success in any area of your life lies not only in your self image but also in gradualness.

You know the old saying: “Nothing succeeds like success.”

The idea behind this concept is to start with an opponent over which you can succeed, and gradually take on more and more difficult tasks.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Take weight lifters, they usually start with weights they can lift and gradually increase the weights over a period of time. Or take a boxer… good fight managers start with easy opponents and gradually pit him against more experienced fighters.

Now everyone of us can show any kind of success. It’s not about how big your success is, the only thing that matters is that you can remember the feeling you experienced when you had that success.

Go back to the point where you had that success… what sounds were there? What about environment? What happened around you at the time? What objects were present? What time of the year was it? Was it cold or hot? etc.

Focus on the details…

When you can remember the feeling how it felt to be successful, this feeling will be reactivated in present. You will find yourself feeling self confident that you can succeed.


That’s it. Hope you’ve liked it.

-Christian (CG)

4 Actionable Tips On Branding And Success

4 Actionable Tips on Branding and Success

Success goes hand in hand with branding. Branding is very important for everyone who wants to spread his word and share their message with the market.

Although it’s the important, too many people still don’t get it.

The reality is, that if you don’t brand yourself or your product, company or whatsoever, it doesn’t matter how good your product, or your message is.

If no one knows about it, it’s useless.

Here are 4 tips I’ve learnt the hard way, and if you implement them too, you’re on the right path to stand out in the market, no matter how competitive it seems to be and you will succeed.

Tip #1: You need to have a unique idea.

Think about it in this way…let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche and you want to share your message with people who are interested in losing weight.

The problem is that a) the weight loss niche in general is very very competitive and more importantly b) your targeting is too broad, you need to narrow it down much further.

Are you targeting people who wanna lose belly fat? Are you more in the nutrition part of weight loss? Or even more in the exercise part? I think you get the idea…

Tip #2: You must stop competing

Let me tell you one thing… champions never compete, they dominate the market, that’s their only focus, to take over the market.

Now since there are a few different ways to get started on doing so, I wanna provide you with the most important tip in my opinion to make that happen… it’s about having the right attitude and mindset.

Our mind either is going to help us move forward to achieve whatever we want to achieve or it sabotages us.

That’s why you must start thinking about your current mindset. Start thinking BIG, and I mean very BIG.

The most inspiring idea that helped me and many of my clients to change their thinking from thinking very small towards thinking like a Giant is this:

The magic happens when you start thinking what can be, not how it is at the moment.

Tip #3: Be obsessed

Let’s face it… you won’t succeed in the way you want to succeed if you are not obsessed with spreading your word, your message with your market.

For me personally it’s all about having a huge impact in other people’s lives. My ultimate target is not to make billions of dollars, not in the first place, but it’s to impact over 10,000,000 people’s lives and help them turn it for the better.

That’s a very huge number, I know… but remember Tip 2 which was all about “What can be, not what is at the moment.”

Everyone starts at zero.

A good way to find your obsession is by looking for topics and things you could talk about the whole day, even when those people in your environment don’t seem to be interested in it.

Tip #4: Surround yourself with people who are 100x higher than you are

That’s very important, let me tell you why.

The idea behind this concept is that you become the average of all the people you surround yourself with.

Take a look at the 5 people in your space you are in daily contact, then take a look on their income, their attitude, their heath, their relationship, their way of perceiving the world, the way they perceive money etc.

Without knowing who you are, I bet that on average you at the same level like they are.

In most cases it’s very challenging to surround yourself with billionaires, with people who are literally celebrities in their space. The easiest way to get them to mentor you, to surround yourself with them is to start reading books they’ve written, audiobooks they’ve recorded, reading articles they’ve written…literally consuming every kind of content they’ve put out.

To your success

-Christian (CG)

8 reasons why people waste time and procrastinate

Just recently I read a book about why people waste their time and tend to procrastinate all the time.

Back a few years ago I tend to waste a lot of my time and energy on things and tasks that didn’t bring me a step closer to achieving my goals.

I bet that there are some tasks or things in your life where you agree it’s the same like it’s been in my life a few years back.

Anyways… in this book I read about 8 reasons why people waste time and tend to procrastinate, in this article I wanna share them with you and what you can do about them:

REASON (1): Not enough targeted activity

There’s an old saying too many self called gurus still use to tell their audience which is:”Hustle, hustle, hustle!”

It couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not about how much you hustle, but how targeted your hustle is.

REASON (2): Focusing on useless tasks

Let’s face it. Most of tend to do all sorts of things throughout the day, but only a handful of them are geared towards achieving our goals.

REASON (3): Consuming too much alcohol or even drugs

I’m not saying you should stop drinking alcohol from time to time, but what I say you shouldn’t drink too much of it. If you consume drugs, you should stop that no matter what!

Both, alcohol and drugs will kill your energy and focus to keep moving towards your goal!

REASON (4): Being lazy

Becoming or being lazy goes hand in hand with focusing on useless tasks, let me explain. When you keep hustling and doing the things that are actually useless, you sooner or later will end up realizing that you haven’t made any progress, this will then lead to become lazy, and even worse… feeling hopeless.

REASON (5): Too much focusing on what others might think about you

It took me almost 12 years until I realized that I didn’t live the life I truly want, but that I live the life others expected me to live. This is a major problem in a lot of people’s lives. I can tell you one thing: Look at all the very, very successful people, successful in life and in business, they all have one thing in common – they don’t care what others think about them, they follow their path no matter what!

REASON (6): Making others like them

Putting all the effort in making people like you is a huge waste of time. You should rather focus on what makes you feel happy, alive and passionate. If you stop focusing on making other people like you, and you start focusing more on you, you will start feeling more comfortable with you as a person, which will also raise your self confidence and make you feel more valuable!

REASON (7): Chasing other people’s money and worrying about their own money

Yep, you read it right, worrying about your own money is an absolute waste of time. You’re pointing your energy in the complete direction. The easiest way to get rid of this useless thinking is to ask yourself how you can provide more value to other people’s lives so they’re willing to give you their money in exchange.

REASON (8): No End Goal in mind!

Reason 2 and 4 tie into this last reason. Because if you have no end goal in mind, you sooner or later end up hustling, hustling… but actually doing the wrong things, and once you realize you didn’t made any progress… one day you’ll might end up feeling hopeless which then will also lead to becoming more and more lazy.


You can watch the whole video below and learn how to get over it today: