What Is The Best Way To Get Affiliates For a New Private Affiliate Program?

There are many ways to attract affiliates for your new program. Here’s how I would do it. 1) If you have an email list, I would use that list of subscribers and customers and let them know about your new program. Offer them a bit more commission since they’re already part of your list and […]

How to track your sales

I tell you what… most people don’t track anything in their business. Do you know why that is? I can tell you… It’s because they think it’s a) not worth it, and b) it’s too difficult The reality is that a) nothing is more worth than tracking everything, and b) it’s not difficult. But with […]

How not to get banned from Facebook Ads

Just recently I spoke with a client of mine and he told me that he got banned from using Facebook Ads. Facebook typically is going to ban people’s account from using their advertising if they’ve hurt their terms or their policy. I am not 100% sure what my client did to get banned, but I’m […]

How to sell clickbank products?

Clickbank is one of the biggest, if not the biggest platform for selling digital products. Some say that there are a lot of crappy products, but I found that there are still some good products available, in all sorts of niches. What I like most about Clickbank is that their customer service is top notch. […]

What Are Some Good Free Traffic Sources?

Nowadays there are a ton of free traffic sources available for literally anyone. Some require you to pay a small fee to use them, the majority don’t. The big big benefit by using Free Traffic Sources above Paid Traffic Sources is that their traffic lasts for a very long time. In some cases, even years. […]

What is the Best? Clickfunnels Or Optimizepress?

First of all, there is no “The best”. Both have their pros and cons. Optimizepress is a good choice for you if you are just starting out, and you know something about domains, hosting and especially, WordPress. If that’s the case, go for it. I would use Optimizepress overall all other platforms mainly because of […]

What I would do if I was starting over

If I had to start all over again, here is how I’d do it: The first thing I would do is, get a job. While this might sound completely weird to you because my purpose is to build an online business, but if you I don’t have money to a) pay my bills, and b) […]

How to Improve Blog Traffic?

A lot of newbies find their way into blogging. Although I’m not such a big fan of it, I truly believe that you can benefit from it in a lot of ways. The beauty of having a blog is that it automatically builds your brand. But it’s very important to create good content on a […]

Why you should never buy Facebook Likes

Building a fanbase on Facebook is important for you business. When I think about building Fan Pages, I always remember a quote I wrote a few months back: “100 True Fans are more worth than 10,000.” What that means is that you should be focusing on getting real fans, people who like you and who […]

What are the most profitable niches for beginners in affiliate marketing?

A lot of people completely mess around with this question, not sure why it is. But what I know is that there are 5 big markets you should pick one out for you. These 5 markets are: -Gaming -Health -Wealth -Relationship -Pets I hear you saying… “these are very competitive ones… how can I make […]